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Launch a small online store quickly or test sell a product on Shopify.
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Sell a small-to-medium range on Shopify and look great doing it.
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Hit Shopify with a full product range and build your brand online.
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  • One-time cost US$999
  • Home & Store pages
  • Your first 5 Products
  • Your first 10 photos
  • 3 featured Products on Home
  • One-time cost US$2,399
  • Home, Store & your first 3 pages
  • Your first 25 Products including Product Collections
  • Your first 35 photos
  • 2 stock image recommendations for you to purchase
  • 6 featured Products/Collections on Home
  • Announcement section on Home
  • Training guide

All Unpossible Store Packages include:

  • Complete Shopify store setup to launch
  • Google/SEO ready code build
  • Mobile & tablet optimized
  • Responsive design
  • Styled checkout
  • Payment Gateway setup
  • Implement your Google Analytics code
  • Site links to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube
  • Any Unpossible theme
  • Your logo & colors
  • Landing screen
  • 3-image carousel
  • About section
  • Project email support
  • Support from launch
  • One-time cost, no on-going fees
  • Estimated delivery in 1 to 4 weeks

Store Package features

No on-going fees

Some website and ecommerce store builders have low or no upfront fees, but then sting you with fees each month on a long-term contract. But Unpossible is different: the only cost to you is the upfront fee to build your site. We do not charge you any on-going fees.

Online Store Essentials

No matter which of our Store Packages you choose, your site will have your unique logo and color look. On every page, from home to the shop to the checkout, your store will be in your color and show your logo. If you ask, we’ll even make it so no reference to Unpossible appears on your site, it can be our little secret.

Our Store Packages each include different quantities of products, collections, pages, blog posts and photos which Unpossible will implement for you. If you need more of any of those website elements, you can simply add them yourself through the Shopify backend interface, once we’ve handed the store over to you. And, copying what we’ve done should make doing that pretty straight-forward.

Payment Gateway setup

A payment gateway is the online equivalent of the point-of-sale terminal which most brick-and-mortar retail stores use for credit cards. You need a payment gateway to authorize purchases by card, and then to facilitate settlement of the money you’ve made so it lands in your bank account. Shopify has their own payment gateway which is definitely the most simple way to go, or you may choose to use your own provider. All payment gateways, including Shopify, charge assorted fees for their services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of helping your site perform well on search engines like Google. During our online store building process, you’ll let us know the kinds of things you want to be found on Google for. We use those words (“keywords” and “description”) in the unseen parts of your ecommerce site, and together with any of your other content which has those keywords, they help Google catalog and rank your site appropriately. No one knows exactly how Google ranks pages and there are no short cuts just best practices, essentially: try to help your site visitors as much as possible; know your keywords and use them; and gaming the system often backfires.

SEO is a very large and complicated part of your online presence. Every one of our Shopify sites are developed with a best-practice SEO foundation implemented. Once your site is live, you can take SEO to the next level with an SEO consultant.

Google Analytics

Ever wonder how many people are visiting your site, and what they’re interested in? Google Analytics is a free web product from Google which gives you that feedback and much more. Our Info Unload Kit help you set up Google Analytics for your online shop.


Staying in touch with your crowd is easy with Mailchimp, a web service which manages email subscribers and sends email newsletters, promotions and announcements. Best of all, it’s free if you have less than 2,000 people on your list, and the cost beyond that is pretty reasonable. Email is a great way to talk directly with customers and generally brings in higher conversion rates than social media.

Shopify Apps

Shopify Apps add features to Shopify which enhance your store. The Shopify App Store is full of free and paid Apps which can be implemented into a Shopify site to do things like: launch a pop-up when the user is leaving your page; coordinate with Facebook ads; or add a quick announcement bar above your header. If included in your Store Package, we’ll implement the Apps you ask for, but you’ll need to pay any fees charged by Apps, in addition to your Store Package. That part’s easy. We’ll help.

Blog Front Page and Post Template

Creating and maintaining a blog has two huge benefits for your online store. First and foremost, it will help your customers find out more about what you’re selling, how to use it, and why they want it. Second, every blog post is a new page, rich with valuable words, photos, videos, diagrams, locations, events and ideas, which is generally the kind of thing Google appreciates. A healthy blog is a great way to improve the chances of your store being found in Google search results. Shopify comes with a blogging platform baked in.

If included in your Store Package, we’ll style the blog front page (the page with all your posts), and one typical blog post page, so they match your brand and the rest of your site.

Unpossible Themes

Unpossible Shopify sites are built on our beautiful looking and beautifully coded foundation Shopify themes. A common underpinning helps us contain costs and improve performance for our clients’ sites. But you want to look different, like everyone else, right? No problem, we carefully customize our Shopify themes to reflect each merchant’s unique brand. Find out more on the Our sites page

Responsive Design

Maybe you’ve heard of responsive design? Let us fill you in. So websites these days need to be used on a huge variety of screens in all different ratios, with and without touch screens. Think about all the screens you might use a website on: phone, computer, iPad, fridge, you know. Responsive design is the practice of considering that variety as a basic fact right from the outset of planning how a user would encounter a website. And that’s exactly what we do at Unpossible. Our designs intrinsically respond to the device they’re used on.

The landing screen is the part of a website home page that you see as soon as the site loads. In our themes, the landing screen presents the viewer with a full screen image. The image is in a carousel (slideshow) where different images are shown automatically, or when the viewer clicks or swipes.

Announcement section

Where included in your Store Package, Unpossible themes give you the ability to make an Announcement section on your home page. You might use it to highlight a sale or event, or to direct customers to a significant page, or simply make a statement about your brand. Whatever you choose, it gives you a full width image or color tone background, overlaid with text and a “call to action” button.

Additional Design and Code Customization

If you choose a Store Package which includes additional design and code customization, we will do that work on an hourly basis. You simply brief us on the things you would like done, and we will put a time estimate against the tasks. Our estimates are broad and not final. Once we’ve done a significant piece of work, we’ll let you know, along with a report on the time that has been spent. We’ll give you lots of warning about the time being spent, because we hate surprises. If you like, you can always purchase additional time.

Queue jump email

All emails are answered within 24 hours on our business days. If your Store Package includes Queue jump email, we will treat your email as urgent, and will respond to it before any others which are not jumping the queue.


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