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Unpossible Store Packages
When you want us to build your Shopify store, you need to buy a Store Package, which is the set of services which we’ll do for you in order to get your store up and selling.
To keep costs as low as possible for our clients, we don’t mix and match features in our Store Packages. If you need more products or pages than your Store Package allows, we’ll make it easy for you to move up to the next level.
No, sorry :(. Once we’ve received your payment for a Store Package, it’s not possible to move down to a lower value Store Package.
Hey, that’s not a question, it’s a statement. But anyway, all the features are detailed on the Online Store Packages page.
Building your Shopify store
Typical project times are shown on our Online Store Packages page. However, some things are out of our control and can affect the time it takes to build your online store — the times shown do not allow for extra time you might need to respond, or the time you’ll need to gather your content together.
Once you’re paid up for a Store Package, you’ll receive an Info Unload Kit to guide you through the things you’ll need. Before then, sign up for our newsletter and we’ll email you our Shopify Store Prep Kit, an overview of the things to get together.
Each new Unpossible store project starts with an Info Unload Kit, which we send to you, for you to complete. It covers your site customizations, and guides you smoothly through bringing together your text, photos and product info, so you can share it all with us. Let us know when it’s ready, and we’ll check through and confirm that everything’s there and makes sense so we can start work.
We’ll email you a shared folder link, and instructions on how to use it in your Info Unload Kit. You simply add your files to that shared folder.
Yes, we will complete shipping, gateways and taxes as part of our service to you.
Yes, your Shopify site will work like any other Shopify site. You will be able to edit and add products, text, images, etc. If you need further code work done, anyone who understands Shopify coding will be able to work on your site, without help from Unpossible.
Our Store Packages each include different quantities of products, collections, pages, blog posts and photos which Unpossible will implement for you. If you need more of any of those website elements, you can simply add them yourself through the Shopify backend interface, once we’ve handed the store over to you. And, copying what we’ve done should make doing that pretty straight-forward.
We use a fully techno email system for support, so you simply email us any questions. Within 24 hours on our business days, we’ll read and assign your enquiry, and the best person to answer will reply. For new customers, the contact form is the way to go. We’ll read and reply pronto.
How we work with Shopify
Because each merchant’s needs are slightly different, it’s not realistic for us to specify the same right plan for everyone. You can read all about the different plans at Shopify.com. Their support is pretty good for the odd question, if you really can’t decide.
No. To work with us, we need to be able to have your site in our Shopify Partner account first. That gets complicated if you already have an account, so it’s best if you sign up with us first, and then Shopify later. There are some exceptions, so contact us if you want to check for sure.
Currently all Shopify plans allow an unlimited number of products. So don’t worry. :-)
Yes, Unpossible is proud to be a Shopify Partner.
Pricing & costs
Once you’ve signed up to a Store Package, we’ll send you an email requesting payment through PayPal.
No. To build your online store once, Unpossible only charges you once. There are no on-going fees from Unpossible, just your initial upfront payment. Remember though, that there are other on-going costs to you for running a website, like your Shopify Plan and domain name registration.
Although many Shopify Apps are free, there are also Apps which charge fees. If included in your Store Package, we’ll implement the Apps you ask for, but you’ll need to pay any fees charged by Apps, in addition to your Store Package.
No, Shopify is a completely separate business from Unpossible, and our fees to you are for store setup and support only. You will need to sign up to, and pay, Shopify separately for their services.
Domain names (eg. “yourbusiness.com”) are a separate property from both Shopify and Unpossible. Unpossible does not provide domain names with any services. Domains have varying costs, usually less than US$100 per year, and are mostly paid for annually. There are many places online to buy domain names, but let us know if you would like to know where we buy ours.
All About Unpossible
Although Shopify is straight forward to use, it takes a lot of time to set up a store there. People who choose Unpossible see that their time as merchants is better spent on products and customers, the two things which can make or break any retail business. There are also small details in setting up an online shop which you could miss, and our clients don’t want that kind of risk.
Freelancers can be found online to help you setup and customize your online store. They tend to be individuals in locations throughout Asia and Eastern Europe, and work solo for cheap. It sounds like a fair idea, but the reality is often quite low quality for clients: attention to detail can be poor; communication can be incoherent and random; and you might never quite know if they’re still working on your project, or even understanding what you’re asking for. Excellent freelancers are out there, but they tend to cost accordingly. Unpossible is a business of experienced developers and designers in Melbourne, Australia’s design hub. Our business systems ensure your emails are answered clearly and promptly during our business hours, and our studio background means we get the nuances of marketing and launching a business. We have a network of ridiculously talented collaborators to call on if needed.
No. Currently, as a Shopify Partner, we are only building sites for Shopify.
No, sorry :(. Although we have designers working at Unpossible, bespoke graphic design is not part of our Store Packages. A graphic designer will check your site for visual quality before we share it with you.
Yes, we are available to code custom Shopify sites. The fees for this service are outside those in our Store Packages and quoted differently for each project.
We’re located in South Yarra, an inner-urban neighbourhood of Melbourne, Australia’s foremost design city. From here, we service clients located anywhere in the world. Significant timezone differences can work in our favor, as we work while you sleep. Because of our location, costs shown on this site include GST for Australian customers, though they are shown and paid for in US dollars. Customers outside Australia pay the same total fee in US dollars.


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